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Maintenance: We can provide full service maintenance on your water treatment system even if you didn’t buy it from us. We can also provide maintenance service on water conditioners from other manufacturers and dealers. We pride ourselves on giving you the best service at an affordable price. Even if your water system is relatively new, from time to time it will need ongoing maintenance or repairs. We can also provide standard operational needs such as replacing filters and adding salt into the salt tank. We also offer scheduled maintenance services so you don’t need to worry about changing filters or supplies for your system so that it continues to operate just like new for years to come. We maintain customer systems of all sizes from commercial shopping centers to residential homes and businesses.


Correct Maintenance allows you to budget correctly, helping you avoid costly repairs to a system because the proper maintenance was not performed properly at the scheduled times needed to help maintain not only your system but your systems warranty. Whether you own a water conditioning system now or you are looking into the installation of a new system soon, we can provide you with the help you’ll need to ensure that the maintenance to your equipment is done timely and correctly. We can also provide you with the plumbing work that may be needed to ensure the operational functionality of your water treatment system. Give us a call today and have us maintain your systems mechanical items and plumbing fixtures.

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With the growing concern of water quality today, Central Water & Air Solutions offers a complimentary water test to all homeowners as a community service. The testing takes little time and is a great opportunity for you to receive peace of mind and know the quality of your water.

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