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Apollo Silver

Get Big Water Conditioning Performance in A Compact Size

Apollo SilverThe Apollo Silver Series water conditioning system is a self-contained unit that softens, filters, reduces ferrous iron, clarifies and polishes your water with an exclusive, all in one space-saving cabinet. Exclusive electro-mechanical timer automatically controls the entire operating program. It‘s versatile with, four easy-to-set adjustments delivering an abundance of treated water while minimizing salt and

water usage. You set your system for your specific water quality and use.

Apollo Silver Series Features:


Exclusive Composite Valve:

Uses advanced NORYL™ composite material to enhance strength and to protect the valve from expansion or shrinkage due to pressure and temperature demands.

  • Outstanding Performance
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • User Friendly Reliability


Electro-Mechanical Timer:

Simple yet versatile controls allow you to set the system for the exact quality, pressure and usage you desire. Many other water treatment system do not have controls this versatile.


Powerful High Torque Motor:

Self-lubricating and with power to spare, for maintenance-free, long life operation.


Large Porting & Internal Piping:

Apollo Silver gives you generous water flow rates.

Automatic Bypass During Regeneration:

No chance of being without water, or drawing salty water, during the regeneration process.


Conditioning Resin:

The resin possesses an unusually high conditioning capacity and resistance to bead breakage, especially important in chlorinated water supplies. Filters out and removes high amounts of ferrous iron.


1Activated Carbon:

Specially graded and treated activated carbon clarifies and polishes your water.


1 does not remove ferric colloidal or bacterial iron