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RMS Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System

The smart, economical way to enjoy the best water possible.

RMS Ultraviolet Water Disinfection SystemProtection from Waterborne Cryptosporidium and Giardia Cysts, Bacteria and Viruses

  • Reduces waterborne contaminants
  • No chemicals or chemical by-products
The RainSoft RSM Series incorporates the time-tested technology of ultraviolet light to reduce or eliminate some of the most common pathogens found in water.

Understanding UV Water Disinfection

In the RainSoft RSM Series UV water disinfection systems, an ultraviolet lamp is centered within a protective quartz sleeve in the units precisely engineered and polished stainless steel disinfection chamber. This ensures even distribution of UV energy to all water passing through the unit. Any harmful organisms are bombarded with a lethal dose of UV light, destroying bacteria and inactivating many viruses and cysts.


Ultraviolet disinfection provides many of the same benefits as distillation without removing beneficial minerals from

the water. UV disinfects water using high intensity light energy. Unlike chemicals, it does not leave unwanted residuals or by-products in the water. Since there are no chemicals, UV does not affect the taste, odor or clarity of the water. For this reason, UV is often combined with other water treatment devices such as carbon filters, water conditioners and reverse osmosis to provide complete water quality solutions. Incoming water to the ultraviolet disinfection system should be filtered to a minimum of5 microns. Your authorized RainSoft distributor can assist you in making this determination.


The system is not intended for the treatment of water that has obvious contamination, or a source, such as raw sewage, nor is the system intended to convert wastewater to microbiologically safe drinking water.


If this system is used for the treatment of untreated surface waters or ground water under the direct influence of surface water, a device found to be in conformance for cyst reduction under the appropriate NSF/ANSI Standard shall be installed upstream of the system.

How Does the RSM Work?



The RSM ultraviolet water disinfection unit installs in your home's main water line.


UV Purification

Water passes through the UV chamber, where many cysts, bacteria and viruses are killed or rendered harmless by direct exposure to the UV light.


Cost Effective

A short few seconds exposure to UV light requiring less energy than a typical household light bulb.


Low Maintenance

Annually changing the UV lamp, a service that your RainSoft dealer will perform for you, is the only servicing required.


Ease of Operation

Visual and audible alarms let you know in advance when the UV lamp is in need of replacement.


LED UV Intensity Display

LED readout indicates HIGH when system is providing UV dosage for disinfection, LOW when system requires service, and ALARM when system needs immediate service which activates the optional automatic solenoid safety shut-off valve, preventing the consumption of untreated water.