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Ultrefiner II

Premium Drinking Water System

RainSoft’s premier drinking water system provides multiples lines of defense to protect the drinking water your family relies on.


To provide high quality water for consumption in regards to drinking and cooking.


RainSoft’s Ultrefiner II Premium Drinking Water System filters on a molecular level, preventing small particles and contaminants from slipping through that most other less sophisticated drinking water systems can’t. Equipped with three highly effective filters- pre-filter, Reverse Osmosis membrane and post-filter- the RainSoft Ultrefiner II addresses almost any water quality concern.


With the unit’s design structure, mounting capabilities and sizing adjustments, the filter assembly and lower profile storage tank can fit in virtually any cabinet space


The Ultrefiner II is built to industry standards, with vast improvements made to the unit’s efficiency rating and VOC reduction capacity. Not to forget this unit carries a limited lifetime warranty.

How the Ultrefiner II Premium Drinking Water System Operates:

ultrefiner_howStep 1:
Water from the inlet valve enters the system.

Step 2:
Water is forced through the pre-filter cartridge that reduces particles, chlorine, taste and odor.

Step 3:
Water then enters the reverse osmosis cartridge where it is filtered through a spiral wound, semi-permeable membrane.

Step 4:
The resulting highly filtered water enters a storage tank.

Step 5:
Your reverse osmosis water is finally filtered through the system post-filter and dispensed through a dedicated drinking water faucet.