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EC4 OxyTech™ Series 73e

How the RainSoft EC4 OxyTech Series works for you:

Step 1: EC4 73e

Water enters the EC4 OxyTech compressed aeration chamber. As the water passes through the compressed air chamber, the water becomes highly oxygenated. As the water continues to flow though the tank, the oxygenated water converts the iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from dissolved minerals and gasses to physical particles.

Step 2:

The highly oxygenated water then flows through the multimedia filter where iron, manganese and elemental sulphur are trapped in the filter media.

Step 3:

At pre-determined intervals the system will backwash and reduce all contaminants from the filter media. The RainSoft EC4 OxyTech system reduces iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide, providing a reliable supply of treated water with minimal attention. Each filter is built for long life and trouble-free operation. RainSoft's new EC4 OxyTech provides unparalleled ease of use, with features and benefits that ensure your family receives the finest water possible throughout your home.